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Where to find the music on the radio near you!
(gosh ain't I sweet for this?)
If'n they have a web addy  I'll make it a link!
If you know of one email me ALL THE DETAILS and
I'll be happier than a hog in slop to add it to the list!

Things change from time to time and that ain't my fault,
and if some info I have is wrong just let me know.

AND if know of a radio station that would be interested in airing a show,
PLEASE have that station contact me!

Internet Alabama Alaska Arizona  
California Connecticut Florida Georgia  
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maryland Massachusetts
Minnesota Missouri Nebraska   New Jersey
New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island Tennessee Texas Virginia
Washington (state) Washington D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin INTERNATIONAL


World Wide Bluegrass Over 40 hours of LIVE programs that stream, as well as streaming bluegrass 24/7.
                                            Muldoon in the Afternoon with Gracie Muldoon Monday, Tuesday & Friday 4pm-6pm

WUAL 91.5 FM, Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, "Bama Bluegrass", hosted by Lance Kinney, Saturdays 7pm-10pm.

KUAC 89.9 FM Fairbanks, Banjo Signal with Trudy Heffernan, 8pm-9pm Alaska time (12am-1am EST).

 KJZA-FM  89.5 FM,  Prescott,  "Prescription Bluegrass" with Brian McNeal, Saturdays 9pm-10 pm.

 KJZA-FM  89.5 FM,  Prescott,  "O God, Where Art Thou" (Bluegrass Gospel) with Brian McNeal, Saturdays 11am-Noon.

KZSC 88.1 FM, Santa Cruz, "Junkyard Angel's Jukebox" with Danielle Conroy, Thursdays 6am-9am.
 Bluegrass, Old-timey, Western Swing and real Country music (as God intended it to be played!).

KPIG 107.5 FM, Freedom, "Cuzin Al's Bluegrass Show", Sundays 6pm-9pm.

KALW 91.7 FM, San Francisco, "BLUEGRASS SIGNAL" with Peter Thompson, Saturdays, 6pm-7pm.

KVMR 89.5 FM, Nevada City, "County Line Bluegrass Show"  with Eric Rice  Saturdays 10:00am to 12 noon
They also broadcast the CBA fathers Day festival live.  (Sorry I don't have the URL...yet!).

KCSN 88.5 FM, Northridge, "Bluegrass, Etc." with Frank P. Hoppe, Sundays 6am-10am. Email

WHUS 91.7 FM, Storrs, "Bluegrass Cafe", hosted by Amy Orlomoski and Jim Beaver, Sundays 4PM to 7PM. Webcast at  Email:

WWUH 91.3 FM, West Hartford, "U-H Radio Bluegrass with host: Brian Burness", Saturdays 9am-1pm.  Email:


WEJF 90.3 FM, Palm Bay, "Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at Noon.

WPIO 89.3 FM, Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at Noon.

WKFA 89.3 FM, St. Catherines, "Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at Noon.

WEGS 91.7 FM, Penacola, Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at 4pm.


WUWG 90.7 FM Carrollton, "Bluegrass Jubilee", hosted by 'D' Sundays: 1pm-4pm.

WUWG 90.7 FM Carrollton, "Appalachian Trail Vaguely Folk Music Show", hosted by Steve
Sedberry, Tuesdays 8pm-10pm.


KSKB 99.1 FM  Brooklyn, Iowa Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at 1pm.

KLOX 90.9 FM Creston, "Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at 1pm.


 WLUV 1520 AM, Rockford, The Blue Road
, with "THE BO-MAN" Wednesday & Friday 11am.

WUIS 91.9 FM, Springfield, "Bluegrass Breakdown", with Bill Rintz, Sundays 6pm-8pm.

WIPA 89.3 FM, Springfield, "Bluegrass Breakdown", with Bill Rintz, Sundays 6pm-8pm.

WCRC 95.7 FM, Effingham, "Bluegrass Music, Saturdays Noon-1pm.

WDBX 91.9 FM, Carbondale, "Back To Bluegrass" with Foghorn & Johnny Mango, Wednesdays 6pm-8pm


WGCS 91.1 FM, Goshen, "Crossings" radio show airs every night from 7-11 PM & Sundays from 9-11 PM.  Predominant bluegrass can be found on Monday & Saturday nights.

WAWK, 1140 AM, Kendallville, Terry's Bluegrass Corner, hosted by Terry Thacker, Sundays 12pm-2pm Northern Indiana's voice for Bluegrass, the host is a  Knott Co., Ky native!


KANU 91.5 FM Lawrence, "Trail Mix" with Bob McWilliams, Sundays 4:30pm-6pm. The first 30 minutes features old-time, the last hour bluegrass. EMAIL.

KANH 89.7 FM, Emporia, "Trail Mix" with Bob McWilliams, Sundays 4:30pm-6pm. The first 30 minutes features old-time, the last hour bluegrass. EMAIL.

KANV 91.3 FM  Olsburg/Junction City (KANV FM 91-3) "Trail Mix" with Bob McWilliams, Sundays 4:30pm-6pm. The first 30 minutes features old-time, the last hour bluegrass. EMAIL.

 KREJ 101.7 FM  Medicine Lodge, "Sunday In The South" with Larry "the music man" Brooks, Sundays at 1pm.


 WHAY 98.3 FM, Whitley City, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Sundays 10pm-12am.

  WSIP 98.9 FM, Paintsville, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Sundays  3pm-5pm.

WLVK 105.5 FM, Elizabethtown, The Cecilian Bank Bluegrass Hour with "THE BO-MAN", Sundays 8pm-9pm.

  WGOH 1370 AM, WGOH 100.9 FM, Grayson, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN",
1st hour Tuesdays 12:30pm-1:30pm / 2nd hour Wednesdays 12:30pm-1:30pm

WGOH 1370 AM, WGOH 100.9 FM, Grayson, with Mike P. Fridays, 12:30pm till they run out of things to do. Lots of bluegrass on this station daily.

WSKV 104.9 FM, Stanton,
Monday-Friday 9am-10am "Bluegrass Gospel Hour" with AC Moore
        Monday-5:30pm-8pm "Bluegrass to the Bone" with Zeke Buttons
        Wednesday-5pm-9pm "The Red River Jamboree with John Meins"
        Friday-8pm-9pm "Great Stuff Bluegrass"
             Saturday-8pm-9pm "Main Street Bluegrass"
        Sunday-4pm-5pm "Great Stuff Gospel" Bluegrass

WAAJ 89.7 FM, Benton, "All Bluegrass, All The Time!" Serves most of western Kentucky, parts of southern Illinois, parts of
northwestern Tennessee.

WWJD 91.7 FM, Pippa  Passes, "Where The Grass Is Blue" with Amy Bryant and Julie Ann Harris, Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm.

WSGS 101.1 FM, Hazard, "Goodtyme Bluegrass Show" with Ken Carriere and his sidekick Randy Humble, Mondays  6:30pm-9:30pm.

WRLV 97.3 FM,  Salyersville, Katie's Bluegrass Show hosted by Katie Clevenger, Saturdays 8pm-10am.

WRLV 97.3 FM,  Salyersville, The Wright's Bluegrass Express, Sundays 7pm-11pm.

WCYO 100.7 FM,  Irvine, Bluegrass Express hosted by Ed Drake and Deanna Luster, Sundays 7pm-10pm.

WSKB 104.9 FM Stanton, bluegrass and old country mix every morning and afternoon.

WRFL 88.1 FM, Lexington, "The Blue Yodel #9" with Zeke Mullins, Dave Kiser, Saturday 10am-Noon

WRVG 89.9 FM, Georgetown, "Bluegrass Homeplace" with Tom Adler, Brian & Terry Powell, Saturdays 1pm-3pm.

WSKV 104.9 FM, Stanton, bluegrass and old country mix every morning and afternoon.
Special Programming:       Saturdays 11am-Noon "Bluegrass With Melvin Goins.
                                       Sunday 5:00pm-10:00pm "Bluegrass & Gospel with John Meins"
                                       Wednesdays 5:00pm-10:00pm "The Red River Jamboree with John Meins"

2.9 FM Cumberland,MD
WMDM 97.7 FM / 1690 AM, Lexington Park,  "Bluegrass On The Bay" with Jay Armsworthy, Sundays 7pm-9pm..

WAAI 100.9 FM, Cambridge, "Cornbread Corner" hosted by Candy Rabbitt, Sundays Noon-2pm.

WROG 102.9 FM, Cumberland, "Sunday Morning Bluegrass" hosted by Jack Duke, Sundays 8am-10am.

WICN 90.5 FM, Worcester, "Bluegrass Junction" with Tom Banyai, Tuesdays 8pm-11pm.

WOMR 92.1 FM, Provincetown/Cape Cod, "Bradford Street Bluegrass" with rotating hosts: Jim & Ben Hughes, Keith Thurlow, Charlie Deaton and Hillary Bamford, Wednesdays 5pm-8pm.   PLEASE NOTE that rotating hosts is very dangerous! They may get dizzy and fall down.  Becareful,things like this can cause injuries and may give bluegrass or a DJ a blackeye.

KBEM 88.5 FM, Twin Cities area, "Bluegrass Saturday Morning, with host Phil Nusbaum, Saturdays 8am-Noon.


KRLK 107.7 FM, Stockton, "High Lonesome Bluegrass" hosted by Bill Le'AN & Larry Smith, Saturdays 10am-Noon and Sundays 1pm-2pm.

KOPN 89.5 FM, Columbia, "High Lonesome Sound" hosted by BG Brown, Sundays 9pm-12am.
With the World Famous Bluegrass Request Line open most all the time, and  BG's Bluegrass Bulletin Board at the Bottom of the Hour,  a 9.30, 10.30 and 11.30 featuring jam sessions, festivals and band gig announcements, in the Mid-Missouri area.

KDHX 88.1 FM, St. Louis, "Down Yonder" with host Keith Dudding, Saturdays 10am-Noon.

92.1 FM, Ava, "Great Stuff Bluegrass" & "Great Stuff Gospel", with Gene Skinner,

92.5 FM, Mountain Grove, "Great Stuff Bluegrass" & "Great Stuff Gospel", with Gene Skinner,

107.7 FM, Stockton/Springfield, "Great Stuff Bluegrass" & "Great Stuff Gospel", with Gene Skinner,

97.7 FM, Aurora, "Great Stuff Bluegrass" & "Great Stuff Gospel", with Gene Skinner,

KSMU 91.1 FM, Springfield, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KSMU 91.1 FM, Springfield, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KSMU 98.9 FM, Joplin, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KSMU 88.1 FM, Mountain Grove, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KSMU 103.7 FM, Neosho, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KSMU 90.5 FM, Branson, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KSMU 90.9 FM, West Plains, "Seldom Heard Music, with Mike Smith & Harry Moore, Saturdays 7pm-9pm.

KBCC 1400 AM, Cuba, "(if you know the show name let me know)", with Banjo Bill Lear, Saturdays 3pm-4pm.

KTTR 99.7 FM, Rolla, "Saturday Morning Bluegrass", with Ray Hicks, Saturdays 9am-Noon.

KUMR 88.5 FM, Rolla, "Bluegrass For A Saturday Night", with Wayne Bledsoe, Saturdays 7pm-10pm.

KUMR 88.5 FM, Rolla, "Sunday Morning Sounds", with Wayne Bledsoe, Sundays  7am-9am.

KUMR 88.5 FM, Rolla, " Mercantile Bluegrass Hour", with Wayne Bledsoe, Saturdays 8pm-9pm.

KDNF/KOEA 88.5 FM, Doniphan, "American Bluegrass", with Gary Lee, Thurdays 6pm-7:30pm.

KYOO 99.1 FM & 1200 AM, "Bluegrass Music", with Lonnie Hopper, Saturdays 10am-Noon.

KYOO 99.1 FM & 1200 AM, "Bluegrass Gospel Time", with Lonnie Hopper, Sundays 8:30am-10am.

KDHX 88.1 FM, St. Lous, "Country Function Bluegrass Junction, with Gary Roberts & Larry Allen, Tuesdays 9am-Noon.

KXEN 1010 AM, St. Louis, "Bluegrass Gospel Time", with Lee Riley, Saturdays 6:30am-7am.

KWRE 730 AM, Warrenton, "Bluegrass Music", daily 4:30pm-6pm.

KDJR 100.1 FM, De Soto, "Bluegrass Music" with Tim Corcuran, Saturdays 6:30am-Noon..

KZUM on Tuesday nights in Lincoln, NE Carl Anthony and the "Tuesday 
Night Drivein"

WBJB 90.5 FM, Lincroft, "Bluegrass Jam", alternating hosts:  Randy Bailey, Tom Gamberzky, Art Kiesling, Sundays 8am-11am.

WFDU 89.1 FM, Teaneck, New Jersey has 4 bluegrass shows:
                        "The Bluegrass Music Palace" hosted by John Heffernan, Tuesdays 6am-9am.
                         "The Sunrise Saloon" hosted by Carol Beaugard, Thursdays 6am-9am.
                         "The Sunrise Saloon" hosted by Carol Beaugard, Fridays 9am-12pm.
                         "The Bluegrass Express" hosted by Earl Karlsen, Saturdays 6am-9am.

WBZC 88.9 FM, Burlington County, "Burlington County Bluegrass" with Joe Wills & Dora Wills, Nancy Longnecker, and Ted Thompson, Saturdays 10am-1:30pm.

WDVR 89.7 & 91.9 FM, Sergeantsville, "Bluegrass Junction", hosts: R.W.Shamy & Charlie Harrison, Saturdays 1pm-4pm.
             "Happy Hour Bluegrass Show" with Rich Evans, Thursday 12noon-3pm.
             "Happy Hour Bluegrass Show" with Rich Evans Wednesdays,  6am-9am (Morning Format).


WCNY 91.3 FM Syracuse, WUNY 89.5 FM Utica; WJNY 90.9 FM, Watertown, "Bluegrass Ramble" with Bill Knowlton, Sundays 9pm-12am.

WKCR 89.9 FM New York, "The Moonshine Show" hosted by Matt Winters, Sundays 10am-Noon.

WSCP 101.7 FM / 1070 AM, Sandy Creek/Pulaski, "Bonz's Bluegrass" Fridays from 6pm-7pm.


WCQS 88.1 FM, Ashville, "Country Roots" with Wayne Erbsen, Sundays 7pm-9pm

WQDR 94.7 FM, Raleigh, Pine Cone Bluegrass Show, hosted by Tim Woodall & Larry Nixon, Sundays 6pm-9pm.

WCQS 88.1 FM, Ashville, "Country Roots" with Wayne Erbsen, Sundays 7pm-9pm.

WPAQ 740 AM  in Mount Airy, on the air for over 50 years! They only play bluegrass and bluegrass gospel.

WFMX 105.7 FM, Statesville, "Sunday Evening Bluegrass" with Hoyt Herbert, Sundays 6pm-9pm.

WNCW 88.7 FM, Spindale, "Gospel Truth" with Dennis Jones, Sundays 6am-8am.

WNCW 88.7 FM, Spindale, "Going Across The Mountains" with Russ Jordan, Saturdays 1pm-4pm.

WFSS 91.9 FM, Fayetteville, "The Good-Tyme Bluegrass Show", hosted by Bob & Sara Barden, Saturdays 11am-4pm.

WFSS 91.9 FM, Fayetteville, "Acoustic Planet", hosted by Sara Barden, Saturdays 8pm-12am.


WLFC 88.3 FM, Findlay, "Bluegrass Breakdown" with John Steiner & Chris Cooperrider, Mondays 8pm-10pm.

WOUB 89.1 FM, Athens, "D28+5", rotating DJ's, Sundays 1pm-5pm.

WAIF 88.3 FM, Cincinnati, "Bluegrass From The Hills Of Frogtown (bluegrass gospel), with Chris Kelly, Saturdays 6am-8am.

WAIF 88.3 FM, Cincinnati, "Cuttin' The Grass" with Chris Kelly, Saturdays 8am-11am.

WOSU 820 AM, Columbus, "The Bluegrass Ramble" with various hosts, Saturday & Sunday evenings.

WYSO 91.3 FM, Yellow Springs, "Banks Of The Ohio" with Fred Bartenstein, Saturdays 6pm-9pm.

WCBE 90.5 FM , Bluegrass interspersed with lots of other "Americana" stuff.  

KRSC 91.3 FM, Claremore, "Bluegrass on the Hill" hosted by Jeanie Evans, Sundays 8pm-10pm.

KVOO 1170 AM, Tulsa, "(if you know the show name let me know)", with Dell Davis, Sundays 9pm.

KVOO 98.5 FM, Tulsa, "Legends Of Bluegrass", with Dennis McAtee, Sundays 7am-9am.


KBOO 90.7 FM, Portland, "Music From The True Vine", Saturdays 9am-Noon.


WXLV 90.3 FM, Schnecksville (Allentown) "Bluegrass Crossroads" hosted by Mike Wuerstle, Saturdays 10am-1pm.

WXLV 90.3 FM, Schnecksville (Allentown) "Sanctuary Bluegrass Gospel" with Larry Royce, Saturdays 8am-10am.

WGTY 107.7 FM, Gettysburg, "The Hank Janey Bluegrass Show", Sundays 6am-8am and Sunday  8pm-midnight.

WSKE 104.3 FM Everett, "The Bluegrass Showcase" with Jack Duke, Sundays 4pm-7pm.

WYEP 91.3 FM, Pittsburgh, "Bluegrass Jam Session" with Bruce Mountjoy, Sundays 8pm-10pm.

WYEP 91.3 FM, Pittsburgh, "Traditional Ties" with John Trout, Sundays 10pm-12am.

WZBT 91.1 FM, Gettysburg, "Bluegrass Express" (GOSPEL) with Hank Janney, Sundays 8am-10am.

WGTY 107.7 FM, Gettysburg, "Bluegrass Show" with Hank Janney, Sunday  8pm-12am.

WDKC 101.5 FM, Mansfield/Liberty/Wellsboro, ""CanyonGrass" with Bob Rubin & Phil Krajewski, Saturdays 9am-10am.
Once a month a 20 minute segment called Kids CanyonGrass hosted by an 8 year old DJ (what a kid...).

WRIU 90.3 FM, Kinston, "Bluegrass Breakdown" with Mike Fishman, Fridays 7pm-9:pm.


WEPG 910 AM, Jasper,  The Blue Road, hosted by THE BO-MAN, each Saturday at 3pm.

WGOC AM 640 Gray, "Tim White's Bluegrass Show", hosted by Tim White, weekdays 3pm-6pm, and Saturdays 9am-1pm, also hosting a live Bluegrass show from The Birthplace of Country Music's Pickin' Porch on Thursdays  7pm-9pm.

WANT 98.9 FM / WCOR 900 AM, Lebanon/Nashville, "The Fiddler's Grove Bluegrass Show"
with Mark Dyer and Sam Jackson, Sundays 6pm-10pm.

WPLN 90.3 FM, Nashville, "Bluegrass Breakdown" hosted by Dave Higgs, Saturdays 8pm-9pm.

WDVX 89.9 FM, Knoxville, 24 hour bluegrass station. No more details available.

WEVL 89.9 FM, Memphis, "The Bluff City Barndance", hosted by The Ol' Ridgerunner, Saturdays 6am-10am.

WEVL 89.9 FM, Memphis, "Hillbilly Jazz", hosted by The Ol' Ridgerunner, Wednesdays 2pm-3pm.

WDVX 89.9  FM, Clinton, "Rize 'n' Shine" with Freddy Smith weekday mornings 6am-9am.
"The Bluegrass Breakdown" with  eleven year old Alex Leach and Tony Lawson, Tuesdays 7pm-10pm.
"Into The Blue" with Terry Heard, Tuesdays at 10pm-11pm.
"Tennessee Saturday Night" with Alex Leach, Saturdays 7pm-10pm.
"A Cumberland Sunday Morning" with Mike Kelly, Sundays 8am-12pm (noon).
"The Clinch Mountain Breakdown" classic bluegrass with Steve Sutton, Sundays Noon-3pm.
Sundays WDVX 89.9 FM plays bluegrass all day long, and bluegrass is part of the music mix each day.

WQOX FM 88.5 FM, Memphis, "The Shelby County Farm and Poultry Show"  Larry Bomar or Will Mays, Saturdays 9am-1pm. EMAIL.


 KPFT 90.1 FM Houston, "The Bluegrass Zone",  hosted by Chris Hirsch, Sundays 4pm-6pm.


WBNN 105.3 FM, Dillwyn, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Sundays from 9am.

 WBNN 99.1 FM, Charlottesville, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Sundays from 9am.

 WKTR 840 AM, Earlysville, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Sundays from 9am.

WBRF 98.1 FM, Galax, "Blue Ridge Backroads" hosted by Jay Allen, Monday-Frriday 6pm-10:30pm.

WBYM 1490 AM, Hampton, "Ben and Ralph's Pickin' Party", hosted by Ben Wiggins, Ralph Coleman & Kevin Wiggins, Saturdays 9am-11am.

WBYM 1490 AM, Hampton, "Chuck's Little Corner of Bluegrass", hosted by Chuck Downs, Sundays 6pm-9pm EST.
Chuck's show is primarily a request show, playing mostly classic bluegrass, and features an all gospel half hour at the end, called "Little White Church Time".

WAXM 93.5 FM, Big Stone Gap, hosted by Milard Edwards, Wednesdays 6pm-12am.

WMMT for programming info click HERE, or check out the WMMT on the web by clicking HERE.
Big Stone Gap, Virginia - 88.1 Mhz (FM)
Coeburn, Virginia - 88.1 Mhz (FM)
Norton, Virginia - 88.3 Mhz  (FM)

KBCS 91.3 FM, Bellevue, "Bluegrass Ramble", Saturdays Noon-3pm.

KSER 90.7 FM, Woodinville, "Bluegrass Express" with Ed Bremmer, Saturdays,  8pm-11pm.

WAMU  88.5 FM    various shows. Check their site for details.

WOTR 96.3 FM, Weston, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Tuesdays at 7am and Thursdays 12:30pm-2:30pm..

WHAW 980 AM, Weston, The Blue Road, with "THE BO-MAN", Tuesdays at 7am.

WHAW 980 AM, Weston, "Bluegrass AM" with Jack Duke, Thursdays  6am-7am.

WMOV 1360 AM, Ravenswood, "Bluegrass Music Today" with Jack Duke, Thursdays at 6am and Saturdays at 9am.

WMOV 1360 AM, Ravenswood, "Big Al's Bluegrass Show" with Big Al Weekly, Wednesdays at 7am and Saturdays at 11am.


WORT 89.9 FM , Madison, "Mud Acres" with Chris Powers, Fridays 9am to 12pm (noon).

WXPR 91.7 FM, Rhinelander, "Bluegrass Saturday" hosted by Bill Kaul, Saturdays 12pm-4pm.

WCUB 980 AM, Manitowoc (Greenbay/Fox Valley), "Classic & Bluegrass Special" with Brad Klabunde, Sundays 6pm-8pm.

BLUEGRASS shows from around the world!

Hawkesbury Radio 89.9 FM, in Sydney's North West and Central Coast, and on the internet twice a day on - "Music From Foggy Hollow" hosted by Mike Kear, Fridays 2am-5:30am.

2RRR 88.5 FM, Sydney, "Chicken Hot Rod Show" with Lindsay Mar and Bud Bryson, Sundays 10am-Noon.

CFRC 101.9 FM, Kingston, Ontario, "The Catalogue Parlour", with Howard Bonner, Fridays 6pm-8pm. EMAIL.

CITR 101.9 FM, Vancouver, Canada, "Prairie Pickin'" with Arthur and Andrea Berman, Thursdays 7pm-8pm.

CKWR-FM 98.5 FM, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. "The Bluegrass Express" with Dan Joesph and Linda Axman, Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm DST.

CJUM 101.5 FM, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, "Sunday Drive, with Tim Osmond, Sundays 4pm-5pm.

CHMA 106.9 FM, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, "Bluegrass Jam", with Wilson Moore, Saturdays 6pm, repeated Sundays 4:30pm (Atlantic Time).

CKLN 88.1 FM, Toronto, Ontario Canada, "Radio Boogie" with Steve Pritchard, Wednesdays 10pm-12am.

CKCU 93.1 FM, Ottawa, Ontario Canada, "The Back 40" with Ron Moores, Saturdays 12:05pm-1pm.

CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal, Quebec Canada, "Bluegrass" with Ross Harvey, Sundays 7pm-8pm.

CKLU 96.7 FM, Sudbury, Ontario Canada, "Bluegrass Hour" with Martin Chapman, Sundays 1pm-2pm.

CJSR 88.5 FM, Edmonton, "Pacific Pickin'" with Rob Baker, Tuesdays 6:30am-8am.

CFCY 630 AM, Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada, "Bluegrass Island", Hosts: Charlie Hansen, Roger Wightman & Serge Bernard, Wednesdays at 8:00pm.

CKLJ 97.7 FM, Red Deer, Alberta, "That High Lonesome Sound", hosted by Donald Teplyske Saturdays 8pm. EMAIL.

CJAM 91.5 FM, Windsor, Ontario Canada, "Daybreak In Dixie" hosted by David Blakney, Sundays 8am-10am.

Syndicaded in Canada
Uptown Bluegrass" with George McKnight:
        CFCW- Edmonton, Alberta (Saturdays 7 - 9 p.m.)
        CKCQ- Quesnel, BC (Sundays 9 - 10 a.m.)
        CKWL- Williams Lake, BC (Sundays 9 - 10 a.m.)
        CKBX- 100 Mile House, BC (Sundays 9 - 10 a.m.)
        CKMW- Winkler, Manitoba (Sundays 4 - 5 p.m.)

KCAR 1431AM Hastings, New Zealand.  "Best Of Bluegrass" with Trevor
Ruffell, Tuesday mornings 0700 - 0900.

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