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The Hunting Side Of Me:
If pictures of dead critters bother you please visit my links page or something, but there's no nasty, gorey pictures to make you sick (critter pictures).

I ain't no Fred Bear or Michael Waddell for that matter, but heck oh Pete Rose, I love going out in the woods and being one with nature, and that usually means whizzing on the side of tree somewhere, I hope there's no darn trail cams...

I love to shoot firearms and I consider myself a pretty good shot, most the time. I have missed a few along the way.

Deer. I love huntin' the whitetail.  I wanna harvest a nice buck to hang on my wall.  Primarily I'm a meat hunter but one nice buck would satisfy my want of a wall hanger.  It don't have to be a record, just one where folks comment "that's a nice buck". The 2010 deer season I earned the right to be a SCRUBMASTER!

I have a "home brew" trail cam that's got a few interesting pictures the past few years.

One of these days I'll build a "home brew" trail video cam.  I have the camera just savin' up for the other items.

Let's go hunting and let's keep it cleaner and better shape than before we step into mother nature at it's finest, by bringing back the stuff you carry into the woods, and any you find that others "forgot!" The animals don't litter!

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