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The Blue Road hosted by "THE BO-MAN"

Now available ftp service!! INSTRUCTIONS

I use FileZilla but I'd think whatever you have works too...

Contact:  or call 606-831-1266

Step 1.  RIGHT CLICK on the file.
Step 2.  SAVE TARGET AS...


SHOW# 473


DISC A   (1st Hour)

TRACK A1  (A Mix)

TRACK A2  (B Mix)

TRACK A3  (C Mix)

TRACK A4  (D Mix)

DISC B  (2nd Hour)

TRACK B1  (E Mix)

TRACK B2  (F Mix)

TRACK B3  (G Mix)

TRACK B4  (H Mix)

FTP Instructions
USERNAME: blueroad
PASSWORD (case senisitive):
PORT: 21
















2020 and a lot of other years for those scoring at home by THE BO-MAN and The Iron Hill Studio.